Curious Mermaid

This is a model made for the #mermay 2021 art-prompt. This was sculpted, modeled, rigged, textured, and rendered in Blender 2.92

Bombergrounds 3D Remake of Promo Art

This is a 3D re-creation of promo art for "BomberGrounds" by Gigantic Duck games. The focus was on creating low-poly assetsMade with Blender

A.C. Mobile Asset

This is a quick asset based on a design by WanderNoct
The focus was on creating a vibrant asset that could be used in a mobile setting.
Made with Blender

Death's Gambit 3D Game Asset

This is a game-ready Death's Gambit themed character asset made as fan-art.Made with Blender


This is a quick 3D re-creation of a character designed by Dorothy Whisler
Made with Blender

Before Your Eyes Character Concept 3D Recreation

This is a 3D re-creation of a concept from "Before Your Eyes" by Goodbye World Games. The focus here was on procedural & loopable shader animations. These are all largely driven by noise textures and vector displacementMade with Blender


This is a quick 3D re-creation of a character designed by Violet Spectrum.


This is a 3D recreation of promo-art for SwimSanity (a game by Decoy Games). Sculpt, retopo, rigging, and rendering were done in Blender, and texturing was done in Substance Painter. Timelapse Video was made using my custom python Blender addon "Timelapse Tool"


Simple game-ready character model based on the wonderful Hayao Miyazaki film, "Nausicaä".

Bugsnax 3D Remake of Promo Art

Finji 3D Remake of Splash-Art

This is a 3D re-creation of the Finji splash-art designed by

All the characters as well as the environment were modeled, textured, and rigged using Blender.

Bugsnax 3D Remake of Promo Art

Bugsnax 3D Remake of Promo Art

This is a full 3D re-creation of Bugsnax promotional art. All character assets were made to be game-ready, while matching the 2D art as close possible.Made with Blender

Nature Spirit

Original design by VioletSpectrum
Sculpted, Modeled, Rigged, and Textured in Blender 2.92

Gaige - SnuffyMcSnuff

This is a game-ready 3D model I made of SnuffyMcSnuff‘s ( Gaige artwork. They’re a fantastic artist, please go follow them!

Cadence - Crypt of the Necrodancer

This is a game-ready 3D model of Cadence from Brace Yourself Games' fantastic roguelike rhythm game Crypt of the Necrodancer. I've been dying to make some fanart of this character ever since I saw the release trailer years ago.Modeled, Rigged, and Rendered in Blender 3.4. Textured in Substance Painter. Timelapse Recorded using my custom addon Timelapse Tool

Collin Myhre

3D Artist / Character Modeler

📍 Minneapolis, MN, USA

Willing to Relocate


3D Artist, specializing in character modeling. Expert user of Blender, and highly proficient in recreating 2D concepts as 3D game-ready assets


  • Fast Learner (can pick up software packages and workflows quickly)

  • Advanced 3D Modeling and Texturing

  • Game Animation

  • Character Rigging

  • Programming and Scripting (C++, C#, Java, Python)

  • Shader Development

Software Proficiency

Substance Painter

-Blender -Unity -Unreal -Substance Painter -Photoshop -Clip Studio

Work Experience

3D Artist

Coal Car Studio

  • Designed, modeled, rigged, and animated characters for Fruit Golf. (shown in Vancouver Siggraph 2022 demo)

  • Contributed to establishing the look, and tech budget of the models

  • Wrote custom VR shaders in UnityCG

3D Artist

Wild Gamut

  • Responsible for character modeling, prop design, rigging, texturing, animation, for an unannounced project

Freelance 3D Artist

Self Employed

  • Created character assets for several miscellaneous game projects


Stylized Characters in 3D Course

Hannah Kang - CG Masters Academy

  • Worked with DreamWorks artist Hannah Kang on developing stylized character models based on 2D concept art

The 3D Artist's Coloring Book

Thomas Smith - Stylized Station

  • Learned the ins and outs of creating stylized materials (hand painted and procedural) using Substance Painter

Art of Effective Rigging & 3D PBR Character Creation

Pierrick Picaut - p2design

  • Worked through every step of a PBR 3D character pipeline from concept to fully rigged and textured game asset

Incomplete BA in Computer Science

Augsburg University - Minneapolis MN

  • Developed a skill in programming which has been useful in learning other relevant skills like add-on creation and shader development

Other Accomplishments

  • Wrote a commercial Blender add-on to record timelapse footage of the project (TIMELAPSE Tool)

  • Had a winning submission to an art show with a few hundred purchases of my prints

  • Won a staring contest with my computer screen while working on a 3D model

Blender Addons