Collin Myhre

3D Artist / Character Modeler

Hello! I'm a 3D Artist specializing in stylized character modeling for games.

I'm an expert user of Blender, and highly proficient in recreating 2D concepts as 3D game-ready assets.

If you're interested in working with me, send me an email!

Beat (Unbeatable)

Here's a game ready character model based on D-Cell Games' "Unbeatable".Modelled, Rigged, Animated in Blender. Textured in Substance.


Simple game-ready character model based on the wonderful Hayao Miyazaki film, "Nausicaä".Modeled, Rigged, Posed in Blender. UV unwrapped in Rizom. Textured in Substance Painter.

Commissions & Misc

Here's a bunch of miscellaneous commissions and practice models from the past few years.
If you have any questions about these, please ask!

OKTO DanceIt

Here's a mobile-ready 3D Model based on the pitch deck for OKTO's dancing game.

They are 7984 tris with a single 512px png texture. Rigged and skinned for animation.

Modeled, Rigged in Blender 4.0. Textured in Substance Painter. Tested in Unity 2021.3.26

Pit (Kid Icarus)

Here's a goofy 3D model of Pit from Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of my favorite games of all time and I'd love to see the series return one day. I learned a lot while making this (and I'm particularly proud of cleanly packing the full character UVs in one map)

Loosely based on a quick fanart sketch I made.

Modeled, Rigged, and Rendered in Blender 3.6 Textured in Substance Painter

Gaige (SnuffyMcSnuff)

This is a game-ready 3D model I made of SnuffyMcSnuff‘s Gaige artwork.

They’re a fantastic artist, please go follow them!

Cadence (Crypt of the Necrodancer)

This is a game-ready 3D model of Cadence from Brace Yourself Games' fantastic roguelike rhythm game Crypt of the Necrodancer. I've been dying to make some fanart of this character ever since I saw the release trailer years ago.

Modeled, Rigged, and Rendered in Blender 3.4. Textured in Substance Painter.

Timelapse Recorded using my custom addon Timelapse Tool


This is a game-ready 3D model of the OC of artist SemiSpri. They're a wonderful streamer with an incredibly positive community and I highly recommend checking them out.

Modeled, Rigged, and Rendered in Blender 3.5 Textured in Substance Painter

Nature Spirit (Violet Spectrum)

Original design by VioletSpectrum

Sculpted, Modeled, Rigged, and Textured in Blender 2.92

Bugsnax 3D Remake of Promo Art

This is a full 3D re-creation of Bugsnax promotional art. All character assets were made to be game-ready, while matching the 2D art as close possible.

Made with Blender

Finji 3D Remake of Splash Art

This is a 3D re-creation of the Finji splash-art designed by the characters as well as the environment were modeled, textured, and rigged using Blender.


This is a 3D recreation of promo-art for SwimSanity (a game by Decoy Games). Sculpt, retopo, rigging, and rendering were done in Blender, and texturing was done in Substance Painter.

Timelapse Video was made using my custom python Blender addon "Timelapse Tool"

Bombergrounds (3D Remake of Promo Art)

This is a 3D re-creation of promo art for "BomberGrounds" by Gigantic Duck games. The focus was on creating low-poly assets.

Made with Blender

Fruit Golf Assets

Here are a couple character assets made for Coal Car Studio's mobile VR game "Fruit Golf"I was responsible for concepting, modelling, texturing, rigging, and animating these characters (Floppy Shark and Giant Octopus).They are an incredible group of creative people, and it was a pleasure doing work with them.